April 3, 2007

Bryn Mawr Hospital ER

(Top) Lisa, Caterisano, x-ray technician at Bryn Mawr Hospital , wheels 4-year old Lyla Scott into the Emergency Room as her mother, Anne Marie Scott (right), offers soothing words of encouragement. With other area emergency rooms closed or overcrowded, Bryn Mawr's ER sees an average of 3,100 patients a month and could see over 40,000 this year for the first time ever.

(2nd fron top) Mark Bonnington, M.D. listens to Lyla Scott's breathing after the 4-year-old is admitted to Bryn Mawr Hospitals Emergency Department. The hospital plans to have a separate pediatric unit after its emergency department expansion is complete.

(4th from top) A pair of Marple Township EMS medics rush a man into the ER. As many as 140 patients have been seen in a single day, up from the days when 90 patients would have been considered a busy day for the staff.